This is a practical support tool for officials involved in the asylum procedure and reception and does not presuppose expert knowledge in medicine, psychology or other subjects outside the asylum procedure.

The indicators are to be marked based on the opinion of the user. Marking the indicators links to the potentially relevant category(ies) of persons with special needs. The user should further decide which of the indicated categories may be relevant.

Special needs

The tool includes 14 categories of applicants who may have special procedural and/or reception needs, reflecting the EU asylum acquis and the practice of EU+ States. The list is non-exhaustive and identification should always be an individual process.

For each category, the tool includes information that is important for identification, as well as tailored support measures.


The tool covers four procedural stages: first contact - making an application; lodging the application; personal interview; end of the first-instance asylum procedure; as well as reception support.

These stages include brief generic guidance on support measures potentially relevant to each category. In case the special needs of the applicant fall under more than one category, the support measures are tailored to reflect this.